Bucket List Ideas: 217 Epic Things to Do Before You Die (2024)

Have you ever had any bucket list ideas that you pushed to the side or totally forgotten about? They could be about personal development, career, far-flung travel destinations, or adrenaline-spiking adventures. Have you ever wondered if and when you get the opportunity to achieve them?

It can be easy to get immersed in your daily grind and lose touch with time. And just as time waits for no one, you are past your prime before you can even say jack. You may become too old for those bucket list ideas, or it may just be against medical advice.

So, what do you do then? Wallow in regret? Wish you had a miraculous time machine.

The short answer is ‘NO'. Check out this article, choose the ideas in it, and add them to your list.

Our bucket list relates to:

  • Travel and Lifestyle
  • Business and Entrepreneurship
  • Family and Relationship
  • Health and Fitness
  • Skill and Personal Development
  • Life Goals
  • Wealth

Let's first learn what is the bucket list.

What is a Bucket List?

A bucket list is a list of all the goals you want to accomplish, dreams you want to fulfill, and life experiences you want to encounter before you die.

Some people can be quite adventurous and may have some bizarre experiences they intend to achieve while some may keep it pretty simple.

The bottom line remains that you have some incredible goals that matter to you and that you’ll want to achieve.

My Bucket List + Inspiring Bucket List Ideas to Copy

There are so many ideas for your bucket list, some of which you may already have. However, ideas for some areas of your life could be more than others, leaving those areas unexplored.

For instance, research has shown that America’s most popular ideas are always travel-related.

Bucket List Ideas: 217 Epic Things to Do Before You Die (1)

However, to ensure that you maximize the benefits of the bucket list, achieving those goals and dreams that matter to you and are useful for your growth, you should answer the questions below.

These questions will help you pick inspiring ideas relevant to you.

  • What are your biggest goals and dreams?
  • What achievement do you want to have?
  • What are the things you need to do to live a life of great value and meaning to you?
  • What is that country, place, or location you want to visit?
  • What if you were to die tomorrow? What would you wish you could do before you die?
  • What impact do you want to make in your society?
  • Is there any special moment you want to witness?
  • What will you like to do or say to the people you love?
  • What are those specific things that you want to achieve in the different areas of your life?
  • What would you do if you had unlimited time, money, and resources?

Now that you have answered these questions, you can use the answers to generate your bucket list ideas.

Below are some inspiring bucket list ideas you can also consider.

Please note that these are just samples. They must not all be on your list as your list should contain only ideas and goals relevant to you.

Travel and Lifestyle Goals

  1. Enter the Forbidden City in Beijing, China.
  2. Visit the Great Pyramid of Giza, Egypt.
  3. Visit the Snowy Mountains of Patagonia in Chile.
  4. Hike Mount Corcovado in the City of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, to its top, where the statue of Christ the Redeemer is situated.
  5. Swim in Lake Sevan in Yerevan, Armenia.
  6. Walk along the Great Walls of China.
  7. Visit the World’s Largest Sheet of Falling Waters, Victoria Falls, in Zambia.
  8. Explore the amazing city of Sydney and visit Bondi Beach, Watson Bay, Hyde Park, St Mary’s Cathedral, walk along the Harbor Bridge, and climb the Pylon Lookout to get a vivid view of the city.
  9. Get paid millions of dollars to travel.
  10. Experience 24 hours of daylight in Alaska.
  11. Visit the Ciudad Mitad Del Mundo, the Center of the World Monument in Quito, Ecuador.
  12. Hike the Torres del Paine in Patagonia, Chile.
  13. Visit the upper and lower part of Avatar’s Mountain (Zhangjiajie) in China.
  14. Learn the Hygge Culture in Denmark.
  15. Take a swing on the treehouse off the edge of a cliff overlooking a volcano in Banos, Eucardol.
  16. See the Tower of London.
  17. Visit the Tropical Forest of Iguazu falls.
  18. Explore the incredible country of Egypt and visit the Valley of the Kings, Mortuary Temple of Queen Hatshepsut, Medinut Habu Temple (Mortuary Temple of Ramesses III), Karnak temple, Lenox temple, and admire the huge wall cravings and massive pillars.
  19. Climb up the Towers of Basílica Del Voto Nacional in Quito, Ecuador.
  20. Hike the Pichincha Volcano in Quito, Ecuador.
  21. Hike the Kings Canyon in Australia.
  22. Plan a visit to the Albanian Riviera.
  23. Visit the Desert of Atacama (Desierto de Atacama) in Northern Chile.
  24. Eat the popular Spring Onion Pancake, Taiwanese Sticky Rice Sausage, Mochi on a Stick, and Fried Mushrooms on the street of Taiwan.
  25. Drink wine under the Eiffel Tower in Paris.
  26. Visit the Stonehenge in Salisbury, England.
  27. Visit Saint Gregory, The Illuminator Cathedral in Yerevan, Armenia.
  28. Hike along Theth-Valbona Hiking Trails in Albanian Alps.
  29. Explore the Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris, France.
  30. Visit the calming Sun Moon Lake in Taiwan.

Business, Entrepreneurship, and Professional Goals

  1. Create a profitable online store and sell 1,000 items in a week.
  2. Start a consulting business worth millions of dollars.
  3. Make arts and crafts and sell 5,000 items I own on Etsy.
  4. Make the CEO of every company I work with know my name.
  5. Create a successful online course with over 10,000 students.
  6. Earn six figures on Instagram.
  7. Increase my Facebook audience three times its present size.
  8. Determine the best hosting site for my podcast and get at least 100,000 subscribers.
  9. Buy and sell 500 domain names for a million dollars.
  10. Become a travel consultant for at least 10 travel companies.
  11. Make a million dollars from affiliate sales and marketing.
  12. Become a virtual assistant to an influential person.
  13. Triple my sales revenue by building an automated sales funnel for my business.
  14. Create a six-figure YouTube channel.
  15. Teach at least 100 high school students SAT, ACT, and other college exams.
  16. Increase my business revenue four times its present size by improving my social media marketing strategies.
  17. Become a high-earning email marketer.
  18. Become a multi-million dollar Airbnb Host.
  19. Determine the best webinar software and host at least 5,000 people on my webinar.
  20. Learn the nitty-gritty about Facebook and turn my Facebook account into a million dollar resource.
  21. Produce a TV infomercial worth $100,000.
  22. Undertake intense market research for my business and skyrocket my revenue five times its present size.
  23. Sell $20,000 worth of my services at a live event.
  24. Build an irresistible business plan.
  25. Publish 500 books.
  26. Determine the perfect niche for my blog and get over 70% traffic increase.
  27. Create a #1 ranking website on Google.
  28. Speak at a Million Dollar Roundtable.
  29. Write a best-selling book.
  30. Become a sought-after blogger.

Family and Relationship Goals

  1. Help at least 20 family members discover what they want to do.
  2. Get a Mistletoe kiss.
  3. Go on a tech-free family date.
  4. Build a lasting long-distance relationship with someone in another country that I have never seen before.
  5. Stay up all night, three nights in a row, talking with my family or friends.
  6. Reunite with a long-lost relative.
  7. Stay on a call with a family member or a friend for a whole day.
  8. Have a family game night marathon.
  9. Go skinny dipping with my partner.
  10. Build an orphanage or a school with my family.
  11. Successfully complete a ropes course with my family or friends.
  12. Throw a dart on a map and go wherever it lands with my family or friends.
  13. Save $100,000 collectively with my family.
  14. Tell a family member my darkest secret.
  15. Add a lock to the love lock bridge in Paris with my partner.
  16. Resolve a conflict between my family or friends that has been going on for a long time.
  17. Make a music playlist with my partner, family, or friend representing our relationship from the beginning to the present.
  18. Witness a total solar eclipse together with my family.
  19. Catch the sound of rattlesnakes in the wild with family or friends.
  20. Dress up in a family costume for Halloween.

Health and Fitness Goals

  1. Bench press 250 pounds.
  2. Conduct training for a professional athletic team.
  3. Have a personal gym in my home.
  4. Master seven Yoga poses.
  5. Complete five pull-ups.
  6. Touch the rim of a basketball hoop.
  7. Swim three miles.
  8. Climb a rock wall.
  9. Hold a deep squat for one minute.
  10. Do a handstand for 20 seconds.
  11. Exercise for an hour, at least five days per week.
  12. Do a one-arm pushup for one minute.
  13. Achieve a six-pack ab.
  14. Complete a 30-day fresh fruit juice and smoothie fast.
  15. Quit smoking and any other unhealthy habit.
  16. Run a 10k race.
  17. Participate in stand-up paddle boarding.
  18. Complete a 90-day intermittent fast.
  19. Help 50 people achieve their fitness goals.
  20. Burn 1,000 calories in one workout.
  21. Dunk a basketball perfectly from a distance.
  22. Run 20 miles in less than four hours.
  23. Run a race in all the states in my country.
  24. Get up from the floor without using my hands.
  25. Perform 10 front and back flip at once while standing still.
  26. Build up a regular invigorating yoga session every morning.
  27. Participate in a marathon race.
  28. No weight gain during the Holidays.
  29. Participate in a destination triathlon.
  30. Finish first place in a fitness competition.
  31. Become extremely good at a sport I love.
  32. Create an at-home daily fitness routine video.
  33. Learn to cook 20 different healthy meals.
  34. Become a black belt holder in Karate.
  35. Maintain my ideal body weight.
  36. Perform 10 cartwheels at once.
  37. Become a fitness coach.
  38. Score a hat-trick in a football game.
  39. Become a Yoga or Meditation Instructor.

Skill and Personal Development Goals

  1. Learn and improve my entrepreneurial skills.
  2. Learn how to take world-class photographs and record my remarkable memories.
  3. Become a mentor in my field.
  4. Conquer my greatest fear.
  5. Create my niche-based website.
  6. Perform a career assessment.
  7. Write 50 free ebooks relating to my field.
  8. Attain “expert” level in my field of expertise.
  9. Negotiate a raise, three times my present salary, with my boss.
  10. Attend a 10-day Vipassana Meditation course.
  11. Learn how to say hello in 50 languages.
  12. Learn how to practice mindfulness.
  13. Become a TED Talk speaker in your field of expertise.
  14. Read 100 books to improve my creativity and entrepreneurial skills.
  15. Build my mind to think like an entrepreneur in three months time.
  16. Kill my relationship with procrastination.
  17. Attend an Anthony Robbin’s event.
  18. Become fluent in two languages.
  19. Take an IQ and EQ test.
  20. Build my Leadership skill and inspire over 1000 people.
  21. Become an executive member of a professional association relevant to my field of expertise.
  22. Learn public speaking and speak in at least 20 events.
  23. Write a random thank you letter to an organization that treated me well.
  24. Develop my personal brand and turn it into a million-dollar stream of income.

Life Goals

  1. Create a new recipe and master it.
  2. Appear in a movie.
  3. Live an abundant life.
  4. Master 5 magic tricks.
  5. Appear on at least 10 Television shows.
  6. Volunteer my skills and services in a place that needs it.
  7. Donate $10,000 to charity.
  8. Become an active member of an NGO.
  9. Spend a day helping at a children’s hospital.
  10. Meet 20 people born on the same day as me.
  11. Get paid $20,000 for a single talk.
  12. Publish a book for couples with my partner.
  13. Get actively involved in a religious life.
  14. Type 150 words per minute.
  15. Give a toy to every child in a hospital.
  16. Attend the Oscar Award Ceremony.
  17. Assemble a million dollar Art collection.
  18. Adopt a child.
  19. Break a Guinness World Record.
  20. Reduce my possessions down to only 100 things.
  21. Contest in an election.
  22. Cut off my hair and donate it.
  23. Fly a twin turboprop.
  24. Build a million dollar podcast.
  25. Volunteer at a homeless shelter on Christmas Day.
  26. Attend the Grammy Award.
  27. Give a speech to an audience of 10,000 people.
  28. Change at least five people’s mind about Gay Rights.
  29. Set up a support group in my community.
  30. Help in a third-world country.
  31. Have a meaningful conversation with a stranger.
  32. Donate my kidney to a deprived child.
  33. Entertain the elderly at a nursing home.
  34. Take underwater pictures.
  35. Find a homeless person a home.
  36. Break a bad habit.
  37. Be present at a birth.
  38. Forgive someone who has wronged me in the past. (This could either be by reaching out to them directly or just coming at peace with the incident yourself).
  39. Trace my ancestry.
  40. Shoot a gun at a shooting range.
  41. Appear on the Oprah Winfrey Show.
  42. Perform a random act of kindness to others regularly.
  43. Reunite a missing person with their family.
  44. Get a professional full body massage.
  45. Go wine tasting at a local winery.
  46. Watch a WWE match live.
  47. Create an original video and try to make it go viral on any social media platform like Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, or Twitter. (If you feel that you don’t have any unique talent, you can try making a “how-to” video).
  48. Become a blood donor.
  49. Learn how to cook a traditional dish from another culture using all their authentic ingredients.
  50. Appear on the Ellen Show.
  51. Pay it forward for the person behind me in a queue.
  52. Become a mentor to someone in need.
  53. Meet a US president while he/she is still in office.
  54. Feed a shark.
  55. Become close friends with a celebrity.
  56. Watch the FIFA world cup live.
  57. Swim with dolphins.
  58. Be a contestant on a game show.
  59. Send an anonymous gift to someone.
  60. Go to a psychic and get my palm read.
  61. Write inspirational quotes and messages and leave it around for people to see.
  62. Go to the Super Bowl.
  63. Connect with past teachers from my Alma Mata.
  64. Complete a 1000-piece Jigsaw puzzle.
  65. Make money and live a prosperous life.
  66. Get an autograph from my favorite celebrity.
  67. Meet the Queen of England.
  68. Win $5,000 in a Casino.

Wealth and Financial Goals

  1. Fly in a private jet.
  2. Plan my early retirement.
  3. Buy a high level of insurance to cover contingencies.
  4. Help 10,000 people grow their wealth.
  5. Have no credit or debit card debt.
  6. Set up a long-term financial plan.
  7. Buy a high-quality item.
  8. Own a vacation home on an island.
  9. Have $1,000,000 net worth when I retire.
  10. Stay in a five-star hotel for a month.
  11. Own a pair of red bottom shoes.
  12. Build multiple income streams online.
  13. Become a member of an exclusive club.
  14. Charter a yacht.
  15. Buy an investment property.
  16. Take a vacation retreat in the woods, lake, or ocean.
  17. Build or buy my dream house.
  18. Get incredible online legal counsel for my business.
  19. Drive my dream car.
  20. Prepare my Will.
  21. Set up a well-stocked emergency fund.

What role do bucket lists play in people's lives?

A survey carried out on 2,000 people recorded that 95% of the respondents have a bucket list, and 66% plan to cross out an item from their list within the next year.

Bucket List Ideas: 217 Epic Things to Do Before You Die (2)

This further proves that a bucket list is not just a catchphrase, but a perfect way of setting all your life goals and staying focused as you make all of them a reality.

Some goals on your bucket list may skyrocket you to the highest point of your goals, such as helping you attain an abundant life or may just as little as satisfying your travel or food cravings.

Whatever it is, your bucket list is a personal journey between you and your goals reflecting what matters to you most. There are other words you can replace the term “Bucket list” with.

However, note that replacing the term bucket list doesn’t change the primary purpose of having it. It is just a way of making the goals on the list have a more personal meaning to you.

You can decide to replace the term with other names like in the image below.

Bucket List Ideas: 217 Epic Things to Do Before You Die (3)

What Happens When You Cannot Accomplish All The Goals on Your Bucket List?

First of all, having a lot of goals on your bucket list is more of a compliment than a worry.

Having a lot of goals on your bucket list expresses how vast and adventurous your mind is and how much impact you want to make on earth before you die.

Moreover, the goal of a bucket list is not to finish it but to keep it growing. The best kind of bucket list is continually being updated, i.e. you are always adding goals to them and crossing out items that you have already completed.

It’s also okay if you do not achieve all the goals on your bucket list. A bucket list is a guide and not a binding document or a contract of perfection.

However, you will most likely complete all the goals on your bucket list because not only can the bucket list motivate you, but it also ensures that you have as much fun as you can have to achieve all your goals.

Benefits of Making a Bucket List

Achieving your goals and dreams can nourish and uplift your spirit in ways that nothing else can, and making a bucket list will help you achieve those goals.

However, there are so much more benefits that a bucket list can offer to you.

Let’s look at those benefits.

1. A Bucket List Helps You to Prioritize Your Life Goals

Most people don’t have a clear idea of what they want.

They may follow society’s conventional pattern of going to school, getting married, having the same job for years, and having children.

However, making a bucket list will give you a sense of direction that can help you focus on the things that really matter to you and not “what is expected of you” or “what you are supposed to do.”

Also, while trying to achieve your goals, you may easily get distracted.

For instance, while trying to achieve your dream of owning an online store, you may jump on every opportunity you find, switching niches, changing online shopping platforms, and eventually ending up selling something different from what you always wanted.

However, having a bucket list will help keep you in check, leading you squarely to your goals and dreams.

2. A Bucket List Gives You Fulfillment

Some items on your bucket list may take a few hours to plan while some may take months or even years to plan.

However, the idea behind a bucket list is that you always have something to look forward to and strive for.

Your bucket list also creates a fun way for you to accomplish your dreams.

The mere thought of achieving your goals like setting up a six-figure online class, living in your dream house, climbing mountain Everest, or monetizing your Instagram account can increase your joy at that moment and give you a great sense of fulfillment about your life.

3. A Bucket List Keeps You on Your Toes

Having a bucket list drives you to evaluate your life regularly.

You are provided with a clearer picture of the life you love to have right there on your bucket list, and you get to assess it with the life you are living at that moment.

That way, you can constantly evaluate your progress, and your next steps and also make amends to your bucket list.

4. A Bucket List is a Constant Reminder of Your Personal Goals

The process of contemplating your goals and writing them down forces you to take a close look at what it is you truly desire.

Nothing serves as a perfect reminder of your goals better than what you can see and visualize.

A study compared people who went to the gym to exercise and those who had carried out the exercise in their minds and showed a 13.5% increase in the mass muscle of people who had a mental exercise.

Bucket List Ideas: 217 Epic Things to Do Before You Die (4)

You get to decide what you want your future to look like and how you want your experiences to be. Your dreams will become visible every time you look at your bucket list, and every day, you’ll live your life just like you desire it to be.

5. A Bucket List Improves Your Life Satisfaction

Imagine the feeling of crossing out your goal to own a six-figure consulting business off your list.

Amazing, right?

When you begin to achieve the goals and dreams you have listed on your bucket list, you will get an unconditional feeling of satisfaction at life which in turn will build your self-esteem.

6. A Bucket List Helps you Dream Bigger

Usually, when you set goals for yourself, you’ll set them based on your financial capability, your physical strength, and how available you’ll be to achieve those goals.

However, consider the situation when the time limit is before you die.

You can put down all the dreams that you've always considered accomplishing without thinking about your financial status or any other limiting factor.

So, instead of the usual constraints and limitations, you open up yourself to the possibilities available around you.

7. A Bucket List Keeps You Motivated

By writing down your goals in a list, you are committing yourself to achieve every one of them. That way, you get absolute clarity on what you want and can stay motivated to act on them.

So, when you constantly see this list, you are focused on achieving your goals, and since there’s no time frame, you are less tense and more motivated to achieve what you want.

8. Life is Too Short Not to Own a Bucket List

Although the aim of creating a bucket list isn’t to create some fear-based mentality towards dying, our existence is really limited.

There are so many causes of death today and one day, you too would die from something.

Bucket List Ideas: 217 Epic Things to Do Before You Die (5)

However, this reminder that life is short is one of the best gifts that the universe gave us. It is one that can guide you to achieve what is important while you still can.

Making a bucket list is a way of reminding yourself of all your goals so that instead of spending your time on frivolous activities, you can focus on the things that really matter to you.

That way, you get to maximize every moment of your existence and live your life to the fullest.

How to Create a Bucket List

So, maybe you are not satisfied with the present state of your life. Creating a bucket list might just be what you need to kickstart your zeal and improve your life satisfaction.

Let’s see how we can create your best-ever bucket list.

Step 1. Gather Your Thoughts

In creating your bucket list, you will first have to gather your thoughts by critically thinking about what you want and don’t want.

Here’s how to gather your thoughts.

  • Find a place to brainstorm your ideas: You are about to create a list of goals that you’ll be sticking to for a very long time. So, you should be deliberate about every plan you put into its creation. Look for a cool place around your house or in the park to sit and have a brainstorming session. Ensure that your chosen place is less noisy and can allow you to concentrate as you collect your thoughts.
  • Remove all limitations: Allow your mind to freely roam as you think about any and everything you’ll love to do. Don’t worry about anything you think of that may seem crazy or impossible or silly or even childish. Just let your mind explore as you select goals that are meaningful to you.
  • Do this for you: It’s easy to place some overwhelming expectations alongside your bucket list. Setting expectations for yourself is good; however, it shouldn’t take the fun out of accomplishing the goals on your bucket list. Don’t also worry about others judging you. Follow your heart and do the things that matter to you.
  • Be prepared for more inspiration: You won’t get all the inspiration that you’ll need all at once. You’re always going to be inspired by a lot of other things. So, create room and open yourself to more inspiration. Always keep a little notepad with you to jot down your thoughts, or you could type your thoughts into your mobile device as soon as inspiration hits you.

Step 2. Discover Ideas For Your Bucket List

One major hub of ideas for your bucket list is you.

You may already have some goals and dreams that you want to achieve, which has influenced your decision to create a bucket list.

However, there are still a lot more goals that matter to you and that you’ll love to achieve. You just have to discover them.

Here’s how you can discover more inspiring ideas for your bucket list.

Write Your Eulogy

The idea behind writing your eulogy is to learn a remarkable lesson about what you want your life to be like while you are still alive.

Writing your eulogy will help you reflect deeply on your life values and will answer these critical questions in the image below.

Bucket List Ideas: 217 Epic Things to Do Before You Die (6)

After writing your eulogy, you can then translate it to your dreams and goals and include them in your bucket list.

Explore Inspiring Bucket List Ideas From Other Sources

With over 4 million people operating the internet, you are sure to find many ideas from there.

Bucket List Ideas: 217 Epic Things to Do Before You Die (7)

You can source your ideas from social media platforms such as Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, and YouTube and specifically search for hashtags relevant to your goals.

You can also find inspiring ideas from watching tv shows or movies that relate to your goals like travel shows or cooking shows, reading blogs (like this one – Founderjar.com), magazines, brochures, and newsletters related to your goals.

Talk to Family and Friends

When you can’t find ideas or inspiration, talking to your close friends and family who know you very well is a good alternative.

They can advise you and suggest amazing ideas based on what they think of you and your capabilities.

Then, you can review those ideas and select the ones that you feel connected to the most.

Step 3. Find a Common Theme

After brainstorming and thinking of every possible thing that matters to you, next is to group all the ideas under a common theme.

That’s vital because you don’t want a list that will look so directionless and overwhelming, which you may end up dumping in your drawer or your computer.

Have a closer look at all the items on your list and figure out if they fit into one of the following themes.

Time Bucket List Ideas

You can group your ideas on your bucket list according to a month or year. You can also group them according to weather seasons like fall, summer, winter, and autumn.

So, you could have a “Winter bucket list,” “December bucket list,” or “2020 bucket list”, whichever fits your ideas.

However, don’t wait till it’s almost the beginning of a new month, year, or season to create this.

Remember that you may have to save a couple of bucks to coordinate your plans for some ideas, so start planning ahead.

Bucket List Ideas: 217 Epic Things to Do Before You Die (8)

Location Bucket List Ideas

Are you new to a place, country, or are you currently in a city temporarily? Or perhaps you have been living in a country for a while and have not explored the country.

Do you have anything that you'd like to achieve in those locations?

You can group them according to the location relevant to them.

For instance, if you want to plan a trip to the Eiffel Tower, you can have a “Paris bucket list” as you also include all other activities you want to achieve in that location on the list.

Bucket List Ideas: 217 Epic Things to Do Before You Die (9)

Education Bucket List Ideas

Are there things that you want to get done before you are done with school or before you become certified in a particular skill?

You can group them according to the degree or certification you are expected to get.

For instance, you can have a “Harvard degree bucket list” or “SPHR bucket list” if you want to get certified in human resources.

Bucket List Ideas: 217 Epic Things to Do Before You Die (10)

Birthday Bucket List Ideas

You can group your ideas according to your birthday.

So, you can have “My 24th birthday bucket list” or “My 52nd birthday bucket list” and decide to achieve these goals before the date or maybe after the date.

You can also group your ideas according to your birthday milestone. Under this category, the idea is usually long term.

You could have “My 20s bucket list” or “30 things to do before turning 30,” and make efforts to achieve those goals within that time frame.

Bucket List Ideas: 217 Epic Things to Do Before You Die (11)

Kindly note that you can also come up with a unique theme of your own and fix a group of ideas in it. Don’t limit your creativity to these themes alone.

Step 4. Find a Place to Store Your Bucket List

After gathering your ideas, the next thing is recording them somewhere.

It can be difficult and quite frankly stressful for you to hold the list of ideas you have brainstormed in your head.

So, you must find a perfect place to store these ideas and create your bucket list.

Sounds like fun, right?

While you may use the good old pen and paper to jot down your ideas, group them into themes, and create your bucket list, you could also consider using online tools that support bucket list creation.

Here’s why you should consider using online bucket list creators.

  • They can help to keep your bucket list more organized and secure.
  • They are cheaper to use and maintain.
  • They have numerous inspiring ideas that you can adopt for yourself.
  • You can build a support system with like-minded people to keep you motivated and inspired.

Let’s look at the best online bucket list creators.

1. Bucketlist.net

Best Overall Bucket List Creator with an Amazing Support System.

Bucketlist.net is an online bucket list creator with an easy-to-use user interface that allows you to create your bucket list just the way you like it.

You can get inspiring ideas on the platform, add images, links, videos, and notes of your choice, follow other people's lists and update your settings for people to follow your list too.

It has numerous unique features including a “pay-it-forward” option that allows people to support your goals and dreams.

Members of Bucketlist.net are called “Buckaroos” and they provide support to each other and even experience goals together.

However, the real support comes when you read other people’s success stories, which can inspire and motivate you to stay strong. So, when you reach your goal, always add a story to it.

2. GoalsOnTrack

Most Preferred Bucket List Online Creator with a Straightforward User Interface and Numerous Unique Features.

Bucket List Ideas: 217 Epic Things to Do Before You Die (13)

GoalsOnTrack describes itself as an online community for high achievers. Safe to say that it is indeed fulfilling all its claims with its unique features that support bucket list creation and completion.

GoalsOnTrack can help you set your goals, organize them within your preferred categories, and break down long-term goals into subgoals.

It has a “drag and drop” feature that allows you to make changes to your calendar and revise your schedule and a “habit” feature that helps you build good habits and link them to support your goals.

However, its “built-in journal” and “vision board” is the most interesting feature of the platform. You can place bookmarks on your journal and customize your vision board just the way you want.

GoalsOnTrack has numerous bucket list ideas that you can adopt for yourself, and you can access the community directly on their site or via their Android and iOS app.

3. iWish

Most Popular Bucket List Creator App with Inspiring Bucket List Ideas.

Bucket List Ideas: 217 Epic Things to Do Before You Die (14)

iWish is a bucket list creator with millions of ideas to explore and create your bucket list.

It has an approach system that helps you identify, design, and fulfill your dreams. The approach has six key areas: Discover, Dream, Plan, Visualize, Get motivated, and Achieve.

iWish has unique features such as a vision board and daily quotes to help you stay motivated and reminders to plan and organize your list. You can also share your list with friends via social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter.

iWish is available only as an application for iOS and Android operating systems and offers its services free of charge with no hidden charges.

4. Soon

Most Preferred Bucket List Creator App and Community Builder.

Bucket List Ideas: 217 Epic Things to Do Before You Die (15)

Soon is your everyday bucket list creator with a straightforward interface that makes it easy for you to create your goals, share your bucket list, and add items to your list.

It has some amazing features such as its “city” option that allows you to collect all your trip goals in one list. You can also fix your list into categories and it will automatically find content for everything on your list.

Soon allows you to follow family and friends, share an inspiring post, review other people’s goals for inspiration, collaborate with other “sooners”, and watch a series of motivational videos as you create and complete your bucket list.

Soon is available for download as an application on the iOS and Android operating systems and offers its services free of charge with no additional charges.

5. Buckil

All-round Functional Bucket List Creator for Beginners.

Bucket List Ideas: 217 Epic Things to Do Before You Die (16)

Buckil is a bucket list creator with a wonderful online community.

It is popularly known for its easy interface that lets you share your “Buckils” with everyone, challenge your mates whenever you upload a video or photo, comment on other people’s experiences, and review your own experiences.

Buckil also allows you to personalize your bucket list by adding different photos and videos that matter to you, no matter the size. You cam categorize your goals into any theme of your choice.

It has several unique features such as a “live countdown,” which begins whenever you set a deadline for a goal, and a “Buckil map” that allows you to plan your travel bucket list.

Buckil is available on the website and as a free mobile app on the iOS and Android operating systems.

Step 5. Finalize Your Bucket List

There’s no right or wrong way of creating and designing your bucket list.

It is a personal journey between you and your aspirations and will definitely reflect who you are as a person.

So, don’t worry if your ideas are not filled with mind-shattering adventures or travels.

The most important part of your bucket list creation is to come up with ideas that matter to you. The ideas should have you waking up each morning with an intense zeal to succeed.

Let’s see how you can easily finalize your bucket list.

  • Critically review the ideas that you have come up with.
  • Take note of the long-term and short-term goals. You can also indicate this by highlighting them differently or using different font colors. Indicating long and short-term goals are important because short-term goals can be easily achieved and will keep you motivated as you make efforts to achieve long-term goals.
  • Categorize your goals into any theme of your choice.
  • Narrow your goals into subgoals that can help you start working towards accomplishing them. If a goal on your bucket list is to own an online store, you can decide on the type of item you want to sell, and find the perfect store that supports your sale of those items.

Voila! Before you know it, you have achieved one goal, and you can move on to the next one.

How to Achieve Your Goals on Your Bucket List

A bucket list is just like any other list if your goals sit in it unaccomplished.

Creating a bucket list can be so much fun that people may quickly forget that actions are also very much required to achieve the goals listed on it.

Once you have successfully created your bucket list, you must stay true to it and achieve all your listed goals.

Here are some techniques to help you achieve your goals on your bucket list.

1. Make a Commitment

Your bucket list will help you visualize your goals, but you need to commit to chasing them.

One reliable way of committing to your goals is to make the goal public and have people hold you accountable. That way, you’re most likely to accomplish the goals.

You can tell your family and friends about your goals and what you want to do. You may not give them the full details, but just breeze in a little, “I’m going to start a podcast soon” or “I’m going to be teaching courses online from next month.”

The more you do that, the more it shapes your mind to believe that it’s actually going to happen.

2. Set Time Aside to Work on Your Bucket List

Fix a particular time each week to take actionable steps towards your bucket list.

It could be three hours on Saturday morning or between 2 pm – 5 pm on Sunday, depending on how detailed you are.

During this time, you’ll only be planning for your goals on your bucket list or actually doing the goals you have listed.

For instance, you could decide to find the cost of everything you’ll need to start a podcast or price out what spending a week in Paris will cost in the time you have set aside.

3. Create A Vision Board For Your Bucket List

Creating a vision board for your bucket list is one powerful technique that has proven useful in achieving goals over a long time.

You can include inspirational materials such as images, quotes, or sayings relevant to your goals and other people’s bucket list that have inspired you on your vision board.

You can also write out your list and pin it on your board. That way, you get to see it regularly and stay motivated to make each goal on the list a reality.

Bucket List Ideas: 217 Epic Things to Do Before You Die (17)

4. Break Down Goals Into Actionable Steps

When large goals are written on your list, it can be quite tedious looking at them and figuring out what to do.

However, you can easily create a sub-list under the goals on your list. This sub-list will include steps that you can take to actualize those goals.

For instance, if your goal is to become a high-paid brand ambassador, you can break it into the steps that can take you there like:

  • Finding your niche and figuring out what you want to focus on.
  • Discovering ways to build your brand and create an audience.
  • Building opportunities and monetizing your brand.

5. Find a Bucket List Buddy

Social psychologists have examined the human mind and discovered the propensity of people to adopt behaviors of other people around them in a theory called “Social Contagion.”

Thus, connecting with people who share similar goals as you and are actively pursuing their bucket list is a great way to stay motivated.

That way, you both can check on each other to ensure that you are not letting your normal routine distract you from the goals on your bucket list.

They will also enjoy talking about inspiring bucket list ideas and reducing the bulk load of cost or stress, especially if you both have goals on your bucket list that are the same.

E.g., if you both have a similar goal to start a podcast, you could combine the cost with that of your bucket list buddy. That way, it’s cheaper, and you can hold each other accountable.

6. Be Realistic With Your Deadlines

As much as a bucket list does not have a specific deadline, it’s good to fix a deadline for the goals you have listed there.

For instance, if your goal is to eat a unique meal in a different country, say Falafel from Israel, you may want to do it before you become vegan or get medical restrictions against those kinds of meals.

You should also be true to yourself and set realistic deadlines. For instance, if you have a hectic schedule, setting up an online store and turning it into a high-earning job within two years may be quite unrealistic.

You’ll need to assess the time and energy you’ll be putting into the business and your level of attention to the store, and that’s what your deadline should be.

7. Celebrate Your Wins

Getting to accomplish any goal at all on your bucket list will take an exceeding amount of determination, focus, and discipline.

So, for every goal you achieve, ensure you celebrate your success. Regularly celebrating your wins will help you stay motivated to achieve the remaining goals on your bucket list.

Bucket List FAQ

Why is a Bucket List Called a Bucket List?

A bucket list is about living your life to the fullest with all the time you have to live on Earth.

The standard explanation for the term bucket list is that it was derived from the phrase “kick the bucket” (which means to die) and “list,” hence a list of things you want to achieve before you die.

Bucket List became popular in 2007 after the release of themovie, Bucket List featuring Morgan Freeman and Jack Nicholson.

Then, it was only people who feared their death that created a bucket list. Recently, as the term transcended into a household phrase, so many people have created and are still creating bucket lists for themselves.

Indeed, everyone has something that they crave to do and want to achieve.

If you are quite adventurous, you may be having a long list of things. However, whatever you fill your bucket list with are those goals and dreams that are significant to you.

What is a Reverse Bucket List?

A bucket list can help you accomplish goals that you may have never thought you’d do.

However, it’s so easy to get overwhelmed with your daily activities, caring for family members, and even the goals you have on your bucket list.

That’s where a reverse bucket list can come in handy.

A reverse bucket list is where you create a list of things you have already done.
So, instead of creating your list with goals you are yet to achieve, you are creating a list of goals you have already achieved.

Assessing how far you have come and all you have achieved is a great way to infuse some gratitude in your daily life, spike up your motivation, and keep you inspired as you make efforts to achieve more.

Also, everyone is different. While some people may get through with their goals quickly, it may not be so for you.

However, a reverse bucket list can help you look at life differently and with more gratitude.

It can give you a positive perspective if you feel like you are not where you want to be or not using your time wisely.

Do Bucket Lists Work?

You have been setting goals your whole life, such as when you’ll graduate high school and college, achieve success in your field, land your first job, and get married. These goals have kept you focused and motivated.

So, why not apply that same thinking to everything that you want to achieve in life?

You could also have a mental label of the goals and dreams you want to achieve and an imaginary picture of your perfect life.

The ideal solution is to create a bucket list that will help you tap into your creative side and unfold the life you envision.

When you start thinking about the things you want and the impact you want to make, you will find a prominent perspective on the things that are of great value to you and how you are currently spending your time working towards them.

That will then give you insight into how to balance your life and focus on the things that really matter to you.

Ready to Achieve Your Goals and Live a Glorious Life?

What’s left now is for you to take the needed actions towards those goals. Be realistic but also know that you are capable of doing so much more than you think.

Don’t restrict yourself because you fear that others will judge you or because some goals seem unattainable.

A bucket list is not an attempt at perfectionism. It is a reflection of what matters to you. So, if you want it, write it down.

Here’s a recap on how to create your own inspiring bucket list.

  1. Find a place to gather your thoughts.
  2. Discover ideas for your bucket list.
  3. Group all your bucket list ideas under a common theme.
  4. Create and store your bucket list using online bucket list creators such as Bucketlist.net, iWish, GoalsOnTrack.
  5. Narrow your goals into subgoals and finalize your bucket list.

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