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Make payments and transfers

Going paperless

Security with card reader

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Digital Banking available to customers aged 11+ with a Royal Bank of Scotland account.

Make paying bills or friends and family easy

  • Payments
  • Transfers
  • Direct Debit
  • Standing Order

Payments OpenClose

Make payments using Digital Banking

Make a payment quickly and easily to a person or company from your bank account.

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Maximum payment limits apply:

£20,000 per working day for Personal customers

£50,000 per working day for Premier and Business customers

A card reader is required when you are paying someone for the first time in Digital Banking, including bill payments.


Send money abroad

Making an international payment is simple with Digital Banking, pay someone new or set up and save a payee to make recurring payments.

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Maximum daily payment limit of £10,000 applies.

You will need to set up your payee first in Digital Banking before making payment.


Transfer money between your accounts

With Digital Banking you can quickly and easily move money between your Royal Bank of Scotland accounts using Quick Transfers. It could be from your current account to your savings account or move money in to your credit card. Move money now or schedule it for in the future, whatever you need.

Direct Debit OpenClose

Direct Debit

Create, amend and cancel Direct Debits from the comfort of your own home - no need to visit or call us.

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You have up until 8:20pm (UK time) on the day the payment is due to cancel.At or after 8.20pm (UK time), the payment due on that day will have been taken and we will not be able to retrieve it.


Standing Order OpenClose

Standing Order

Set up a recurring payment using standing orders, move money between your own accounts or pay any of your existing payees. You can create, amend or cancel your standing orders via Digital Banking.

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To amend or cancel a standing order via Digital Banking you must give two working days notice.


What else can you do with Digital Banking

Alerts to keep you on track

Set up weekly or monthly alerts you'll receive by text message, giving you more control over your money.

Order a new debit or credit card

Has your card been lost or stolen? With Digital Banking you can order a replacement debit or credit card.

Go paperless

Going paperless couldn't be easier;

  • You can get statements and letters to your Digital Banking Mailbox
  • We'll email or text you when your latest statement and letter is available
  • You can view and download statements from the past seven years and letters from the past three years

Extra security with card reader and biometrics

Acard readeris a security device needed by all customers looking to get the most out of Digital Banking. It works with your Digital Banking service to provide an extra layer of protection against online fraud.

You can also register your biometrics on your mobile app by navigating to biometric approval in settings.

These allow you to authorise certain transactions within Digital Banking and on your mobile app. We use the latest technology to recognise the things that make your face unique, so we know it’s you in control of your money.

Learn more about secure authentication

Biometric Approval is available to eligible mobile app customers aged 16 or over.

Try the Royal Bank app

Our Royal Bank app is the fastest way to bank, you can pay someone in less than a minute and unlock lots of new features. Criteria applies.

Learn more about our app

Ready to get started?

Royal Bank of Scotland Digital Banking lets you do your everyday banking from the comfort of your sofa. It's there when it suits you 24/7 and you'll never need to wait in a queue.

Register for Digital Banking

Useful guides

Getting Started Close


Getting Started

Downloading the app

Setting up the Royal Bank App

Get Cash using the app

Registering forDigital Banking

Setting up Apple Pay

Setting up Face ID

Setting up Google Pay

Setting up text alerts

Setting up fingerprint login


Direct Debits & standing orders Close


Direct Debits & standing orders

Setting up a standing order

Amending a standing order

Setting up a Direct Debit

Viewing and cancelling a Direct Debit


Account management Close


Account management

Changing your billing address

Setting up text alerts


Payments and transfers Close


Payments and transfers

Enabling your card reader

Setting up a new payee

Paying someone new

Paying a saved payee

Paying a bill

Deleting a saved payee

Transferring between your Royal Bank accounts

Sending money to a mobile number with Pay Your Contacts

Sending money abroad


Balance & statements Close


Balance & statements

Checking your balance

Going paperless

Download and print statements

Understanding your statement

Viewing and searching transactions

Changing frequency of statements


Reporting a problem Close


Reporting a problem

Reporting fraud

Reporting lost and stolen cards

Forgotten yourDigital Banking login


Is there anything else we can help you with?

Digital Banking features | Royal Bank of Scotland (2024)


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