FAQ | Frequently Asked Questions | MGM Grand Las Vegas (2024)

Before you arrive.

How many guests are allowed in the room?

The maximum number of guests is determined by the room type on the reservation.

If there are more than 2 guests, regardless of age, an additional charge of $40.00 plus tax will be added per additional guest, per night.

Please refer to ourHotelpage for more information.

Are dogs allowed on the property?

MGM Grand gladly offers dog friendly rooms. Up to two dogs are allowed with a maximum combined weight of less than 100 pounds. Other pets and animals are strictly prohibited both for registered hotel guests and visitors to the property. A charge per night, per dog, plus tax for the room or suite will be applied to your account. Your dog cannot be left unattended in your guest room at any time unless placed in a kennel or carrier.

Due to health code regulations, we regret that dogs, except for service dogs, are not allowed in public areas including, but not limited to: any food and beverage outlets, the Spa, or pool areas, except as passing through. Dogs are permitted in hotel rooms, suites and the designated outdoor dog park located on property.

For more information, pleaseclick here.

What’s the minimum age requirement for check-in at MGM Grand?

Guests must be at least 21 years of age to check in at MGM Grand

What security deposit is required?

A security deposit of $100 per day will be required upon check in, with a maximum of $400 for credit cards and debit cards.

Does MGM Grand offer parking for hotel guests?

For complete details on parking, please visit theMGM Grand parking information page.

What is the resort fee?

A $45 Daily Resort Fee plus applicable tax will be added to your room rate for each complimentary (if applicable) and purchased room night which entitles you to receive the following amenities that are sure to enhance your experience at MGM Grand Las Vegas: In-room wireless internet access; unlimited local, domestic long distance (the 50 United States and DC) and toll-free calls; airline boarding pass printing; digital newspaper and magazine downloads through PressReader for duration of reservation; access to Paramount+ with SHOWTIME On Demand via in-room television; and fitness center access for guests 18+. Amenities, such as fitness center access, are subject to availability and guest demand.

What types of amenities are included in your rooms?

All of our rooms include the following amenities: Hair dryers, irons and ironing boards. Coffee makers are not included, however you may arrange for fresh coffee to be delivered to your room at a specified time by calling Room Service the night before. All accommodations offer High-Speed Internet access.

What type of transportation is offered from the airport to MGM Grand?

Taxi and Rideshare services are available.

You may contact our Concierge to assist with booking shuttle or Limousine transportation.They can be reached at 877-660-0660.

Do you have electric car charging stations?

Yes, we offer complimentary electric car charging stations. These are located on the 1st floor of our self parking garage. These stations are first come first serve.

How do I add an additional guest to my reservation?

Please contact MGM Grand Reservations at 1-888-646-1203 or our Front Desk Team at 702-891-7777 to add an additional names.

How can I arrange an amenity for a special occasion (i.e cake, chocolate covered strawberries, champagne etc.)?

You may contact our contact our Concierge to assist at 877-660-0660.

What time is Check-In and Check-Out?

All times are in local time zones:

  • Check-in: 3:00 PM

  • Check-out: 11:00 AM

Please note that Early Check-In and Late Check-Out requests are based upon occupancy and availability on the date of departure. Additional charge may apply.

The MGM Resorts Mobile App has a variety of features, including mobile check-in and check-out. Using the MGM Resorts App, MGM Rewards members can check in early from almost anywhere, anytime. You are then notified when your room is ready.

Download App

My reservation has a Food and Beverage credit, how do I use it?

Simply charge back to your room to redeem.

For full details on where to use your credit, click here.

During your stay.

How can I get a late check-out?

Late check-outs are available for a nominal fee and are based upon availability.

Please contact the Front Desk for more information.

Are refrigerators available?

Yes, we have a limited number of refrigerators available for a fee of $35 plus tax per night, based upon availability.

Are roll-a-way beds available?

Yes, roll-a-way beds are available and will be subject to a Roll-a-way Bed and/or Third Person Fee of $40.00 plus tax per night

Is smoking marijuana permitted at your property?

Use of marijuana (weed), including but not limited to smoking, inhaling, ingesting, or using oils, lotions, or other transdermal introduction of, is prohibited at all MGM Resorts properties notwithstanding approval of recreational use in Nevada. State law prohibits use of marijuana in public places. Use of marijuana is also prohibited in guest rooms at all MGM Resorts properties in Nevada, consistent with the discretion afforded private property owners under the State law authorizing use of recreational marijuana in non-public places. And marijuana use continues to be prohibited at MGM Resorts properties outside Nevada. Notably, the vast majority of our guest rooms are non-smoking and therefore smoking of any substance in those rooms is prohibited. If marijuana in any form is observed, the property will take the necessary steps to ensure compliance with the law and Company policy.

Do you allow smoking in the resort?

Rooms and suites are non-smoking. If there is evidence of smoking of any substance in your accommodation, you will incur a minimum deep cleaning fee of $500 for rooms and $1,000 for suites and Stay Well rooms charged to your hotel account.

Please note that e-cigs, vapors, hookahs, marijuana etc. fall under our non-smoking policy. Cleaning fees will be applied to smoking in areas that are non-smoking. We have designated smoking areas throughout the casino, bars, and other areas (but use of marijuana is prohibited in both smoking and non-smoking areas). Contact a resort employee for location information regarding designated smoking areas.

How many people can stay in a hotel room?

Our hotel policy allows up to four guests in a hotel room.

There is a fee of $40.00 per extra person staying in the hotel room.

Adjoining rooms are also available upon request and availability.

Are there coffee makers available?

No, coffee makes are not included. However, we serve coffee at various locations throughout our property.

Does your property have a monorail system?

Yes. For general information including hours/prices, please visit their webpage by clickinghere.

Do you allow outside food and beverage or raft/tubes into the pool?

We do not allow outside food and beverage, but you are more than welcome to bring your personal rafts and floaties.

For more information on cabanas, chair rentals, and what can be brought into our pool area, please visit the MGM Grand's Pool Complex website.

After your stay.

I left something at the hotel. Can you help me find it?

If you have lost an item at the hotel or in your room, please fill outthe form hereand someone will contact you to assist with locating your item.

How can I get a copy of my bill?

The fastest way will be to request your folio online.

I have a question about my bill, who can I reach out to about this?

To inquire further about your hotel bill after your stay, please click here.

ConciergeWhatever you desire, the Concierge at MGM Grand is here to assist.

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MGM RewardsOur MGM Rewards program is the ultimate way to do what you love to do – and get rewarded for it.

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FAQ | Frequently Asked Questions | MGM Grand Las Vegas (2024)


Can you smoke in MGM Grand casino? ›

We have designated smoking areas throughout the casino, bars, and other areas (but use of marijuana is prohibited in both smoking and non-smoking areas). Contact a resort employee for location information regarding designated smoking areas.

What is the incidental fee at the MGM Grand? ›

Incidental charges: • Incidental Deposit $100 per night. We will place an authorization on credit or debit card to cover applicable charges for room, tax and resort fees, as well as a $100 incidental amount per day to allow you access to room charging privileges.

How much is the resort fee at the MGM Grand? ›

Resort Fee and Other Mandatory Fees

Hotel guests are required to pay the following mandatory fees: Resort fee: $44.22 per room, nightly. Deposit (cash or card): $100.00 per room, daily.

Will MGM Grand hold luggage before check in? ›

You may process your check-in upon arrival and store your luggage at the Bell Desk until your room is prepared. If you would like to guarantee immediate access to your room, we recommend booking the room for the prior night. The MGM Rewards Mobile App has a variety of features, including mobile check-in and check-out.

Can you smoke on MGM balcony? ›

A site and shuttle map is available upon request. Per MGM Signature resort rules, the rooms and balconies are to be smoke free.

Which MGM is smoke free? ›

Park MGM is now completely smoke-free. All rooms and suites, the casino, restaurants and bars, convention center, entertainment areas, corridors, common areas and pools are non-smoking.

Do hotels charge the card you put down for incidentals? ›

The hotel will then put a hold on your card to account for any incidentals or other charges during your stay, such as room service or perhaps Wi-Fi fees (yes, some places still charge for that). You are not responsible for paying the amount of the hold until and unless it becomes an actual posted charge.

How much does MGM Grand hold on credit card? ›

I can confirm that they put $100 on hold per night from your credit card for incidentals. Hopefully anyone with this question in future now need ask no more for the answer…… You do not have to leave a hold at all if you do not like.

How much money do you have to spend to get gold status at MGM? ›

Tier benefits
TierHow to attain status
SapphireGranted at sign-up.
Pearl20,000 Tier Credits (or match with World of Hyatt Discoverist status).
Gold75,000 Tier Credits (or match with Hyatt Explorist or Globalist status).
Platinum200,000 Tier Credits.
1 more row
Jan 11, 2024

Can I refuse to pay resort fees? ›

In most scenarios, you can't just refuse to pay a resort fee, even if you never set foot in the hotel gym. Unlike baggage fees on an airline, which are avoidable by not checking luggage, there is no (easy) way to avoid resort fees. Instead, these fees are simply tacked on at the final step of checkout.

Can you refuse to pay resort fees in Vegas? ›

You do not legally have to pay any hotel resort fee. Resort fees are in violation of Nevada's Deceptive Trade Practices Law. Fifty Attorneys General are currently investigating hotel resort fees for being deceptive and misleading.

Does MGM Grand have refrigerators? ›

Yes, they have a stocked refrigerator with their goods. If you disturb anything, it automatically detects it. It states not to put anything of your things in the fridge or there will be a fee to reorganize.

Does MGM Grand provide towels? ›

yes there's towels there.

Can you bring a purse into MGM? ›

Prohibited Items

No bags will be permitted into the venue except for small purses (12″ x 12″x 6″ max). Backpacks of any size are not allowed. Audio/Visual Recording Devices (includes GoPro, Google Glass, Spectacles, etc.) Outside Food, Beverage or Alcohol – One Drink Poured into Plastic Container.

Does MGM Grand have hair dryers in rooms? ›

Guest bedrooms

5,000 air-conditioned guestrooms at MGM Grand Hotel and Casino feature minibars and safes. Bathrooms feature complimentary toiletries and hair dryers.

What casino in Vegas can you smoke in? ›

With only a few exceptions, virtually all casinos in Nevada allow smoking on the casino floor. Smoking is generally prohibited in public areas (corridors, walkways, meeting rooms, dining rooms etc.) however there is no real physical separation from the casino area and adjoining walkways.

What casino in Las Vegas is no smoking? ›

In September 2020, MGM Resorts announced that Park MGM, which includes NoMad Las Vegas, would become the first fully smoke-free casino resort on the Las Vegas Strip. Located just off the Strip, Vdara (another MGM property) opened in 2009 without many classic Vegas amenities.

Which Las Vegas casinos are smoke-free? ›

As of writing this answer in February 2024, there is only one truly non-smoking casino in Las Vegas- the Park MGM.

Which casino does not allow smoking? ›

Which Casinos Have a Smoking Ban?
  • Empire City Casino (New York)
  • Resorts World Casino (New York)
  • Rivers Casino (Pennsylvania)
  • Jack Casino (Ohio)
  • Greektown Casino Hotel (Michigan)
  • Joe's Bar on Weed Street (Illinois)
  • Wind Creek (Montgomery, Alabama)
  • Hialeah Park Casino and Racetrack (Florida)
Mar 14, 2024


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