Sears Home Warranty Appointment (2024)

1. Sears Home Warranty

  • Contact Us · Major Appliance Repair Service · Resource Center · Dishwasher repair

  • A Home Warranty from Sears is a protection plan that covers multiple appliances and systems in your home. Choose from appliance, systems, or whole house warranty plans.

2. Contact Us - Sears Home Services

  • Do you need Sears Home Warranty customer service? Call us at 1-855-256-2467 or place a claim here.

  • Contact Sears Home Services for all your home improvement, repair, cleaning and installation needs.

3. Sears Protect Home Warranty

4. Sears Home Services Scheduler - Kenmore

  • ... Appointment Details. Keep track of your appointment details here. Product; Type; NestedType; Brand; Warranty Coverage; Appliance Symptoms; Location; Date ...

  • Get prompt service with the Sears Home Services Scheduler. Kenmore® - trusted performance for over 100 years.

5. Sears Home Warranty

6. Cinch Warranty Claims & Customer Service

  • If you have a Sears Protection Agreement, please call (800) 4MY-HOME to speak directly with Sears. Service appointment. A Cinch Home Services representative ...

  • With a Cinch Home Protection Plan, you can file a claim and request service online. You can also make payment, edit your account or contact customer service.

7. Sears Protection Agreements

  • Master and Repair Protection Agreements can be renewed and transferred to a new owner. Call 1-800-4-MY-HOME for more information or to schedule service.

8. SEARS HOME WARRANTY - Updated July 2024 - 141 Reviews - Yelp

  • 141 reviews and 5 photos of SEARS HOME WARRANTY "Hello All, Please beware of doing business with Sears Home Warranty Services underwritten by HomeSure ...

  • 1.0 (141 reviews)

9. [PDF] Sears, welcome to the Sears Home Services Home Warranty Plan

  • at time of appointment.*. Scheduling Service. HOME. WARRANTY. SEARS HOME SERVICES. Page 7. Get additional items covered at your home at 43212 Fort Drive. Now ...

10. Sears Protect Home Warranty Review (2024) - This Old House

  • A Sears appliance home warranty protects major home ... Appointment cancellations: One of the most common online complaints is technicians canceling appointments.

  • A Sears appliance home warranty protects major home systems and appliances. Keep reading to learn how it compares to other warranty companies and their coverage.

11. 1058+ Sears Home Warranty Reviews | Page 7 of 22 | Best Company

  • A repairman came and said a part was needed and sears Home warranty would be contacted to ok the order. ... Sears canceled my appointment so I reached out to ...

  • report_problem Attention: Sears declared bankruptcy in 2018. Sears declared bankruptcy in 2018 and now operates as three companies: Sears Holdings, Sears, and TransformCo. If you have a Sears app...

Sears Home Warranty Appointment (2024)


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