What to Wear to The Amalfi Coast, Italy (2024)

I’ve been on dozens of trips over the years and I have to say, this weekend’s trip to the Amalfi Coast was by far one of my favoritesever. We spent three days along the coast—one day in Capri, one day in Positano, and one day in Sorrento. Despite it being mid-September we lucked out big time with the weather, enjoying a weekend full of seventy-five degrees and sunny days.

I was perfectly comfortable in a dress and sandals and to my surprise, the weather was still warm enough to dive into the crystal clear water. I went back and forth fordaysbefore this trip trying to decide what to wear—today I’m sitting down to share the outfits I settled on along with links to shop so that you can recreate these looks for your trip to Italy!

I will say, temperatures definitely drop in the evening time so while these outfits were fantastic during the days, I definitely wish I had brought a few long sleeve blouses to wear with jeans in the evening time out to dinner. Oh well, now I know for next time. And yes, there will definitely be a next time—this place is too beautiful to only visit once in your life!

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On our first day in Amalfi, we took a boat to the island of Capri where we walked around, ate lunch, and shopped. At the end of the day, we took a chairlift to the highest point of Capri where we had a 360 view of the island. It was absolutely incredible and truly one of my favorite moments since being abroad.

I knew we’d be on the go today so something breathable was key—I opted for a dress too so that I could easily slip in and out of my swimsuit for our time on the boat. I ended up reaching for this adorable maxi from Saltwater Luxe. This California-based brand has some of the highest quality pieces in my collection. With their lightweight linens and classic silhouettes, their pieces are hard to beat! A maxi ended up being the perfect choice as it was a bit brisk in the morning.

As for shoes, I wore a pair of straw sandals all day long. These are always my go-to when I know I’m going to be on my feet for long periods of time. They are crazy comfortable and match my hand-crocheted bag from Burano, Italy perfectly. The cutest fit!

dress // sandals

photo locationTop of Mount Solaro

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As I said, we took a boat to and from Capri, stopping along the blue grotto to jump off and swim around. I won’t lie, I was shocked the weather was warm enough to be swimming in the middle of September but it did not disappoint! I wore the cutest floral swimsuit from Zaful. This one has a few fall colors that are so fun and this triangle-style top is among my favorites!

Although the sun was out for most of the day, it definitely got brisker on our boat ride home. I was so glad that I brought a lightweight cotton button-up to throw over my suit in the evening. I have this one in several different colors and it’s by far one of my most worn pieces here in Europe—I swear I bring thiseverywhere.

suit // top

photo locationBlue Gratto Anacapri

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On our second day, we ferried over to Positano, and wow what an incredible day we had. The sun was shining nice and bright all day long, making for the perfect morning of picture taking, shopping, and eating. I was torn on what to wear the morning of, thinking this pink dress would be a little too fancy for our day on the go. I ultimately decided it would look best in photos and ended up beingso glad I wore it!

This dress has the cutest off-the-shoulder cut, with a crinoline-lined skirt that leaves it looking extra full. So fun to twirl around in this baby! Similar to the last look I’m throwing on those same straw sandals and crochet bag to match. I’ve never gotten so many compliments on an outfit before. This is by far my favorite outfit I’ve worn on my study abroad adventure… it’s just so me!

Oh, and my blue layered necklaces are from Electric Picks!

dress // sandals

photo locationRistorante Dongiovanni

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I knew I wanted to swim while we were in Positano so I just tossed my swimsuit into my purse for the day, and found a bathroom to change into later in the afternoon. The water here has little to no waves and the UV doesn’t get above 5 this time of year which means now is the perfect time to pull out those strappy, *impractical* bikinis that you’ve been collecting.

I was shocked how many of you loved this suit. The top can be tied several different ways allowing you to mix and match and the bottoms are just your classic string style. Can’t go wrong here!


photo location Positano Beach

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Although I said I wish I would’ve packed something a little warmer for the evening time, I’m never sad to give this dress another wear. I scored this white Showpo dress back in June and it’s been one of my favorite pieces since. I’ve worn this a handful of times and just can’t seem to get enough of it. Seriously so easy to style and looks good for practically any occasion.

My gold lace-up sandals complete this outfit perfectly for a night out to dinner. I’ve had this Express pair for years now and actually bought a real leather pair during our day trip to Capri to replace them. They are handmade right there in front of you; truly one of the better 80 euros I’ve spent. I cannot wait to start breaking them in and styling them for you on my website.

I’ll link their Instagram account in case you want to check them out!

dress // sandals

photo locationSeven Hostel Rooftop

Boy, do I wish our trip to the Amalfi Coast were longer. It’s been so long since I loved a place this much and felt so connected to this adventure. I’m hoping one day soon I’ll find my way back.

I assume you’re reading this because you’re planning a trip to the Amalfi Coast soon, in which I’m here to tell you to enjoy every second. It truly is the most beautiful place—I find it hard to believe any outfit idea could look bad here, lol. Bring comfy walking shoes and something easy breezy and you’ll be just fine.

Oh, and just throw a swimsuit in your purse, even if you think you won’t need it. Rather safe than sorry!And if all else fails, there are a gazillion adorable boutiques and local artisans to buy a new outfit from. Ciao!

With love, McKenz

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What to Wear to The Amalfi Coast, Italy (2024)


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